Working with the American Fund for Charities. A Step-by step process

Has your organization been approached by a potential US donor?

A potential donor is a US tax payer, who may or may not reside in the US. For example, the taxpayer may live or work in your country, but is still liable for US tax.

If Yes – the potential donor will understand and may want a US tax deduction for their gift because it can save them up to half of the amount they give. The donor will decide.

If the donor wants a tax deduction your organization will need to be Evaluated by the American Fund for Charities, It is likely that your donor will need written confirmation of your Evaluation. The American Fund is happy to provide this, and answer any questions your donor may have. Go to STEP 2.

If No – you don’t have a potential US donor - The American Fund for Charities does not fundraise for you, we are,
however able to recommend publications and services that will help you to get started.  You may also want to apply to
US Grant making Foundations. They may choose to simplify their due diligance by giving to the American Fund.

Evaluation – what does this means?

It means that the American Fund has reviewed the documents drawn up when your organization was set up, the rules and regulations relating to your governance and management, and your actual activities day by day, who is involved and their responsibilities, to ensure your organization is suitable to receive grants from a US public charity. The American Fund doesn’t give any warranties or make any judgements as to the value of the work you do or the capacity of your organization to do it.
In order to Evaluate your organization will need the following:

1. A Charity Evaluation form completed in full.
2. A copy of your organizing documents in English. These are the documents that were prepared, signed, sealed or agreed when your organization was set up, and if these are not in English please provide both an English translation and a copy of the original.
3. Your most recent set of accounts, which have been approved / certified by an independent / outside body and have been submitted to the relevant authorities in your country as the laws of your country require.
4. The names and addresses and website addresses of the principal authorities in your country including local and national government organizations, that have responsibilities for regulating your organization. Website addresses of any official or unofficial websites that list your organization and its non-profit activities.
5. The names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses of the trustees, directors, and senior officers of your organization. We may contact any or all of these to confirm the validity of the information you provide about your organization.
6. Details of any projects you are hoping to fundraise for, this can be brochures, budgets etc.
7.General material/leaflets that you hand out for fundraising purposes.

All applications should be submitted via email to, if you are unable to do so, please contact us for further advice.

We may ask for further information.

Once we are satisfied that all the correct paperwork has been received you will then be asked to pay the evaluation fee of $250.

The board of the American Fund will then consider your application for Evaluation and you will be notified of the outcome as soon as possible.

What happens when your Evaluation has been approved?

You will be notified in writing, you may use the letter to show potential American donors as confirmation of your affiliation with the American Fund for Charities. If donors have any questions they are always welcome to contact the American Fund.

You are now ready to start your fundraising...

Please note that Evaluation by the American Fund for Charities does not guarantee that you will be successful in receiving any grants.


The American Fund for Charities is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your Evaluation. Please contact us at

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