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Let us help you make a difference in the world!

Who We Are:

The American Fund for Charities (AFC) is a registered US non-profit that enables Americans to support foreign charitable organizations through tax-deductible donations.

With over 25 years of experience in charitable giving, we provide personal service to individuals, foundations, and corporations to facilitate prompt, reliable support of worthy causes around the world.

Donations of any size are welcome – we accept gifts as small as $10.00.  Our fees are among the lowest available.

At a donor’s request, Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) may be invested for long-term growth.

Our Mission

To connect caring people with great causes worldwide.

Our Vision

To create positive change by supporting outstanding non-profit organizations around the world.

Our Values

Personal service

How We Work

US law permits Americans to receive tax benefits only for charitable giving within the United States. Americans who wish to support foreign non-profits may receive tax-benefits by donating to an “intermediary organization” such as the American Fund for Charities. The AFC is a registered US non-profit and will issue donors tax-receipts for their gifts.

When donations are made to the American Fund for Charities, donors are invited to suggest a foreign charity or non-profit they would like the AFC to support.  The AFC then assumes the risks and responsibilities of making grants to the foreign entity.  Before grants can be received, all suggested beneficiaries must be evaluated to ensure they are legitimate and eligible. This involves a detailed application and assessment process.  The AFC retains a small percentage from each donation to cover these administrative costs.


The American Fund for Charities is governed by a Board of Directors; its operations are administered by philanthropic services firm, GMA Foundations, in Boston, MA.

Benefits for Donors:

  1. AFC ensures that all grant recipients are legitimate and accountable.
  2. AFC is a registered US non-profit, which means gifts are tax deductible to the full extent permitted by law.
  3. AFC maintains a very low expense-to-income ratio to ensure that the maximum amount of donated funds is used to support approved charities.
  4. AFC “walks the talk,” disbursing small grants from undesignated donations to urgent needs through the Living Africa Fund.
  5. AFC offers socially responsible Donor Advised Fund (DAF) investment options.

Benefits for Charities:  

  1. AFC broadens fundraising opportunities for foreign charitable organizations, facilitating American donations without necessitating the establishment of a “Friends of . . .” subsidiary non-profit organization in the USA.
  2. AFC’s website provides online visibility of approved charities.
  3. The AFC establishes a unique donation page for approved charities, directly linking donors to online giving.

We make your dollars go far, even small donations make a world of difference!