The American Fund for Charities is not accepting application for new members at this time. Thank you for your interest.



Membership Evaluation Process

Thank you for your interest in membership with the American Fund for Charities. To obtain membership, a completed application must be submitted and reviewed by the AFC board. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are reviewed by the AFC board of directors every other month (January, March, May, etc.)

The following documents will be requested as part of the application:

  • Proof of registration in the organization’s country of residence
  • Organizing documents and/or bylaws, translated into English
  • The most recent audit
  • The most recent annual report
  • A brief description of current programs
  • A list of current Directors and/or Trustees
  • $350 evaluation fee*

*Note: To maintain membership, Charities are required to provide their annual report and audited financials each year along with a $150 renewal fee.

The AFC board will examine the organization’s mission, administration, programs, governance, and finances. Review of applications is typically completed within two months of submission of the application. Please note that the AFC is not able to support charities operating in countries subject to US sanctions.

After an organization’s membership is approved, it is eligible to receive grants. Please note that grants are made every other month and subject to administrative fees. To remain eligible for disbursement, charities must maintain their membership and submit:

  • A signed agreement certifying that the grant will be used for charitable purposes and briefly outline how the funds will be used.
  • A report detailing how funds were spent after the grant period.
  • Note: If a grant remains unclaimed after 18 months from the grant date, after repeated attempts to contact the charity, funds will be re-allocated at the AFC’s discretion.

Is a membership with the AFC right for your organization? Visit Membership Benefits to learn more.


Online Application Instructions

Your Account

Prior to submitting an application for membership through the online system, applicants need to complete a one-time registration. You will need to supply your contact information and create a password to log in to the system. If you have applied in the past, use your username and password to log in. Please note that you do not need to enter an EIN or Tax ID at this stage.

Be sure to keep your account password so you or others in your organization can log in to the online portal in the future.

Creating an Application

After you log in, click “Apply” and select “AFC Membership Evaluation” to begin a new application.

If you want to exit your application before it is complete, click on “Save as Draft” at the bottom of the screen. You can then come back later and continue to work on your application by signing in with your password and clicking “edit” your draft. There is also a “print packet” button if you wish to create a printable document for internal review. When your application is complete click the “submit” button. You will receive an email confirming receipt of the application.

Should you require assistance with the online proposal submission or have questions about membership benefits, please contact us at: 617-391-3094 or send an email to

All materials for the proposal must be attached to the online submission; please do not send any items separately by email or mail.

We do make exceptions for regions with limited internet access—please email us if you are not able to complete the application online.