People who are passionately interested in bettering the lives of others around the world

Donors give to American Fund for Charities because they know that we have expertise in international giving.

They value our technical evaluation of nonprofit organizations. They value our knowledge of the US legal systems and nonprofit laws.

They want to give back to the community, wherever that community exists and whatever they are motivated to support.

The American Fund for Charities is a US 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Donations to it are tax-deductible to the
extent allowed by law. The American Fund for Charities is a public charity, which means that it is supported by a
number of people rather than being a private foundation with only limited donors. Because it is a public charity,
it is able to support a greater range of charitable endeavors.

The Board of the American Fund for Charities wants to ensure that the maximum amount of money received is used for programs rather than administration. Therefore the board has challenged itself to spend no more than 10% of all gifts received over $500 to cover its administration costs.

Retained amounts

Charitable Gift Fund

A Charitable Gift Fund, sometimes called a donor advised fund is a fund set up by a Public Charity from which the donor can make charitable donations to his or her suggested charities.

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