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Dame Hilary Cropper Charitable Foundation

Established in 2004, the Dame Hilary Cropper Foundation supports historically disadvantaged young South Africans by providing tangible help and practical assistance to offer hope for a positive future. [AFC Charity No. AFC1090]

The Dartington Hall Trust

Dartington is a registered charity committed to building better stronger communities which can be a force for positive social change. [AFC Charity No. AFC1092]
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Devon Wildlife Trust

Established as a registered charity in 1962, the Devon Wildlife Trust is part of a nationwide network dedicated to the achievement of Living Seas and a Living Landscape in the UK. [AFC Charity No. AFC1078]

Discover Decrypt

Discover DeCrypt transforms historic buildings which are in danger of decay and dilapidation into a sustainable heritage attraction, learning centre, cultural venue and community hubs. [AFC Charity No. AFC1097]
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Dyslexia Scotland

Encourage and enable people with dyslexia, regardless of their age and
abilities, to reach their potential. [AFC Charity No. AFC879]

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