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An Ocean of Books

Our dream is simple and achievable.We want to see school libraries in
the Pacific full to overflowing with quality books that will capture the imagination
of children and inspire them as they progress through school.
[AFC Charity No. AFC882]

Antarctic Heritage Trust

Four expedition parties built bases in the Ross Sea Region of Antarctica. The
Trust, based in New Zealand, is engaged in a long-term cold conservation project to protect the explorers' legacy; the bases and the artefacts they left behind, for
current and future generations. [AFC Charity No. AFC921]

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Fred Hollows Foundation

We areĀ a non profit organisation dedicated to facilitating comprehensive
and quality eye care in developing countries, especially through the provision of appropriate training. [AFC Charity No. AFC866]

Friends of Galapagos New Zealand Inc

Friends of Galapagos New Zealand Incorporated (FOGNZ) is a ‘not for profit’ organisation set up to enable people from New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere to play a part in the conservation of the Galapagos Islands.
 [AFC Charity No. AFC1042]

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