Above Photo: At the Romanian Traditional Museum (POZE)

Fee Structure

While the minimum gift we receive is $10, the minimum grant we make is $250, which may be made by combining several small gifts. Fees are retained at the time a grant is disbursed.

Our minimum grant is $250.00. To ensure that charities receive the maximum benefit, we retain and bundle small gifts, distributing them as the beneficiary directs. This may be quarterly, annually, or when a specified total has been reached. In this way we are able to accept gifts as low as $10. If you would like to know more about this service please contact us.


For grants less than $700, the fee retained per grant is $50. For grants greater than $700, fees are retained as follows:

7.5% of grants up to $50,000

6.5% of the next $50,000

3.5% of the next $200,000

1.5% of the next $200,000

Fees are capped at $17,000.

Photo: Copyright John J. Kaczanow