Gough Island, a current project of the Royal Society for the Protection of birds. Photo: Ben Dilley

For Donors

Our donors are people who are dedicated to making the world a better place.

We accept gifts of all sizes from individuals, foundations, and corporations.  The minimum gift is $10.00.   Many of our donations are single gifts under $5000.   The minimum grant we make is $250, which can quickly accumulate from several smaller gifts combined. Please complete the AFC’s downloadable donation form and send it with your gift. Alternatively, make an online donation by credit card here.

For donors considering regular giving of larger amounts, it may be advantageous to set up a Donor Advised Fund.
We also accept gifts of stock and occasionally, material items of value.  Gifts of stock are immediately sold; material gifts are only accepted following negotiation between donors, the intended beneficiaries, and the AFC.

For donors, the American Fund for Charities provides important benefits:

  • US Donors receive a tax receipt within 5-10 days after they make their donations.
  • Grants are typically disbursed within two months of receipt of donations or approval of suggested beneficiaries.
  • Our fees are the lowest available for most gifts.

Our Charities

Our charities are at work in every sector in countries around the world. Potential donors may search for currently approved charities or suggest a new charity for the AFC to support.  If you would like to support a charity that the AFC has not yet approved, please contact us.

Living Africa

Several years ago, a donor wished to make a charitable gift to the AFC but did not recommend a beneficiary. This gift became the founding grant for AFC’s Living Africa program, which is dedicated to educational initiatives across the African continent. Living Africa has become our signature program, a way for the AFC to make a difference using our intimate knowledge of regional needs and the organizations that are effectively meeting them.

If you are a UK tax-payer and wish to support a foreign charity, please visit our partner organization, the UK Fund for Charities.

If you are a Canadian tax-payer and wish to support a foreign charity, please contact Mark Blumberg of Blumberg Associates mark@blumbergs.ca.

Photo: Peter Burgess