Above Photo: School children receive their radios and books, Sierra Leone

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

Where are approved charities located?

Most of our approved charities are located in Europe and Africa but we serve non-profits all over the world.  For details, click here:For Charities

Are all donations tax-deductible?

Yes, as permitted by US law.

What are acceptable assets that AFC will accept?

Gifts of stock are welcome; they are sold upon receipt.  Material gifts may be accepted depending on the donor, the type of gift, and the needs of the intended beneficiary.

What is the fee structure?

This varies with the size and type of donation. AFC is highly cost-effective for single gifts regardless of size.  For small gifts, donations may be accumulated and distributed quarterly, annually, or at a time predetermined with the recipient charity. Fees are retained at the time grants are distributed.  For details, click here: For Donors.

How do you evaluate new charities?

Our evaluation process ensures that the foreign organization is legitimate, that it does what it claims to do, is not functioning in a country subject to US trade sanctions, is not a terrorist organization or involved in bribery or political activity contrary to US interests, and is not returning any tangible benefit to a donor, aside from the permitted tax deduction. The foreign non-profit need not satisfy all the strict criteria of a US 501(c)(3), but it must have sufficient organizational history and governance to demonstrate its legitimacy and accountability. For details, click here: For Charities

What does the AFC do when a recommended charity is not approved?

We work with the donor to find another charity he or she wishes to support.

How quickly are gifts disbursed?

All grants must be approved by the AFC’s Board before being disbursed.  The Board meets every two months.  In emergency circumstances, the Board may meet to approve grants outside scheduled meetings.

Note: If a grant remains unclaimed after 18 months from the grant date, after repeated attempts to contact the charity, funds will be re-allocated at the AFC’s discretion.

Will I be notified when the non-profit I recommend has received my donation?

Yes, if requested.