Above Photo: Chris Burton, EDSAC reconstruction project chief engineer explaining the EDSAC chassis. (Palam Communications)

Membership Benefits

The American Fund for Charities, a US non-profit ‘intermediary’ organization, was created to support non-profit organizations around the world by facilitating charitable giving from Americans.  US law permits American tax-payers to receive tax-deductions for charitable giving within the USA but not internationally.  As a registered US non-profit, gifts from American donors to the American Fund for Charities are fully tax-deductible.  With their donation, donors typically suggest a charity they wish to support.  The AFC must evaluate the suggested charity to ensure it is legitimate, but once approved, the AFC may disburse grants to the charity.  Charity evaluation requires foreign non-profits to submit an application and supportive documentation.  Review is typically completed within two months.

Charities may apply for approval directly or they may be recommended to the AFC by donors.  Once a charity is approved, it may notify its American donors of the opportunity for tax-deductions if gifts are donated through the AFC.

The AFC offers approved charities a donation “button” for their websites that links the charity directly to the American Fund.

Note:  The AFC does not conduct any fundraising services for approved charities, nor do we assist foreign charities in identifying potential US donors or other grant sources.  Prior to submitting application materials, please contact us to make sure that the American Fund can help you.

Evaluation Fees:

Initial Evaluation: $350

Annual Renewal: $150